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Discover Your Tastimony
Discover Your Tastimony

You are living your tastimony - is it what you expected?  Sometimes sickness, pain, mental fog can prevent your tastimony from being what it was designed.

So now, you can change all that.

Changing your menu to God's recipe for health plus changing your foods to His design will energize your tastimony - you will be an example of His goodness. That means less sickness, little or no pain and goodbye - mental fog.

It's Your Tastimony - 
                  so live life to the fullest -
                                 be actively on mission for the Lord -
                                                  enjoy the journey  seeing God at work in your life. 
He has a plan and you were created to be part of His plan. 
                                                                            So - lt's Your tastimony - experience it!

Tastimony means letting your taste for God - His foods, His design - bring a change in your life that will
flavor those around you so they too desire the Flavor of His Grace.

Get Started Now
Get Started Now

Let's face it - everyone around us is sick and it doesn't always come with age.  Our kids are being plagued with health problems unheard of 50 years ago. So what are the options?

We here at Flavor of Grace have experienced what you are going through - we have been there. It hurts - it's debilitating - IT'S OPTIONAL!

Yes, that's right, it is optional. We can show you why health problems are optional and how to change.

  • First - change focus. Stop being caught up in the winds of opinions.  They can give you a headache just trying to know what is right about healthy living. 
  • Second agree to give Scripture a chance to change your health. It truly is God's Recipe for Excellent Health.
  • Third - grab your Bible and the Treasures of Healthy Living Bible Study and start learning God's plan for health.  From the moment you begin, the cells in your body will start to behave and give you energy.   Just the change in your mindset - focus - tells your brain - "Hey wake up, he/she is making a drastic change and this is good!"
  • Fourth - invite your friends - foodie friends who love to eat - and do this study together.  The fun, fellowship and faith sharing will help the lessons from the Bible marinate and strengthen your friendship. And yes - your health as well.

Finally - say good-bye to headaches, muscle aches, over weight, lack of energy, and  ______________ (you fill in the blank).  God designed your body in His image - to glorify Him. In the book of John He described it as 'abundant life'. He also designed the foods He called good- excellent of its kind - just for you.

Flavor of Grace Conferences

Now you are ready to have a fun, rewarding, and inspiring weekend with the Flavor of Grace team. 

This weekend  conference delivers a fresh menu which includes fun and entertaining ways to learn about food, health, faith and grace.

It let's you discover simple and practical ways to eat like royalty and prepare your mind for God's mission.

And the inspriing and life-changing messages will give you the movitation to trust in His Word and get ready to eat for life and move for missions.

Come to the Flavor of Grace Conferences near you, or better yet, host a conference at your church.

Connect with Us
Connect with Us

LIsten to our daily radio show - Flavor of Grace -  to learn quick take outs to apply immediately to your eating and health plan.  The biblical connection will help you always view your body as a gift.

Then you too will be a Tastimony!

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