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Biblical Nutrition Academy Courses
Be Bold Pray For Miracles - A Course on Miracles

Carol Graham shares insights into life experiences of how prayer, according to God's Word, brings miracles.  Her stories will make your heart stir and your mind say "Yes, God still does miracles!"  Enjoy this course and be amazingly blessed! Learn More>>

7 Steps to Amazing Biblical Health

Seven Steps taught by Annette Reeder in all her coaching classes and Biblical health seminars.  These timeless steps are truths that are pivotal to ALL health transformations. 

40 Day Transformation

When we transform our beliefs, eating, fasting and exercise EVERYTHING in life improves! Join Annette as she shares transforming steps to understand what is currently believed and how to make changes that lead to a lifetime of success in your life! Learn More>>

The Daniel Fast - 21 Day Partial Fast

Want to see God work profoundly in 21 Days that could transform your entire life? That is where the Daniel Fast Course can help!  The Daniel Fast is a 21 day partial fast based on Daniel's fasting experiences in the Bible.  Learn More >>

Treasures of Healthy Living Bible Study

God created you to live a long and vibrant life.  This study will take you from Genesis to Revelation to discover the treasures of an abundant life God has made available!  You will finally be able to live a biblically based - nutritionally healthy life.  Learn More >>

Belief Memory Cards - To Treasure in Your Heart

 A collection of 24 beautiful memory verse cards to help you study what God's Word says about belief!  When our beliefs are based on God's Word we can overcome: fear, guilt, shame, and doubt!  Are you ready to rid yourself of these paralyzing beliefs?  Learn More >>

Fasting Memory Cards

A collection of 18 beautiful memory verse cards to help you study what God's Word says about fasting! Fasting is a tool to forgo our natural desires of eating and take time to listen and learn from God.   Learn More >>

Healing Memory Cards

A collection of 34 beautiful memory verse cards to help you study what God's Word says about healing! God desires for us to have a healthy spirit, soul and body.  These verses will help with your belief of God's healing in all three areas.  Learn More >>

Get Your FREE 7 Steps Now! 

These are the steps I start every private coaching client with...


40 Day Transformation 

Take the 40-Day Transformation Course.  God's recipe for EXCELLANT HEALTH is where HEALING BEGINS.

  • Less pain
  • Weight loss (I personally lost 6-0 lbs through this)
  • FREEDOM from food additions
  • Learn to CRAVE GOD more than food